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HERITAGE QUEST ENTERPRISES, LLC (HQE) was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2001.  It was the idea of a group of college educated African American men and women that agreed that it was important to create a unifying, readily recognizable symbol of and for African Americans.  The consensus was that the symbol would be a flag. Flags were originally used, as early as 1000 b.c. to identify a people or to signal to others.  This is the purpose of the African American flag to identify us as a people and to signal our unity to others. 

HQE, though an independent idea, began as part of another African American educational undertaking, Homeland Arts, Inc. Founded By Herbert & Nonie Salone . Homeland Arts, a Chicago, Illinois based art company was in the business of creating and selling large, original works of art -- known as the Heritage Plaque -- depicting historically significant African Americans and their connection to the continent of Africa.  HQE continues that educational mission with its current product line. 

The African American flag is a unique and newly created idea.  It has been trademarked by the U.S. Patent office and is distinguishable from the Pan-African flag and its Garveyism founding.  Unlike Marcus Garvey’s  movement that sought to establish a colony of repatriated Americans in Africa.  The HQE African American flag seeks to identify with pride and purpose the place of African Americans right here in this country.  Its symbolism identifies our struggles and triumphs as citizens of America. 

The symbols on the flag, identified at the appropriate link above, indicate the historical significance of African Americans in the United States.  The HQE flag becomes even more significant as we approach the 150th year of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.